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Hi, and thanks for checking out our team’s background stories. We all started out as the web administers and d.b. specialists many years. We all have experience working in the adult entertainment industry, and after awhile, when competition became much worse, decided to find other work, but stuck around doing projects here and there for various websites that were still around.

Because of the bad experiences we all went through throughout our careers, we decided to help out the users since the executives that were making all the money had cut us out. We did this by using our existing knowledge of how cam4 tokens are generated. With a couple years of work, we were able to finally create something that could do just that: the cam4 token generator.

We knew with this release, no longer would people have to pay for ridiculously priced tokens to see the real action in the cam shows. What we found most unfair was how the site’s treated their entertainers. Many are capable of doing some amazing things if you know what we mean, but because most users can’t always drain away their credit cards to line the pockets of the producers of these sites, they often end up getting way underpaid and eventually fired.

Now, you can watch all the cam girls you want, and they get real cam4 tokens whenever you like. Our site is a win-win for everyone and is the best way to access some of the hottest girls on the internet.